The V Jubilee Siberian Economic Forum 2018:

Doing business with Asia

November, 22-23, 2018 Novosibirsk Expo Centre

The press conference of the Siberian Economic Forum 2015

On November 16 at the press center "Interfax-Siberia" the official press conference of the second Siberian Economic Forum "Russia and Big Asia" took place (November 19-20,  The Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex ).

As Olga Lisienko, director of the Agency VDA - one of the organizers of the SEF, said that a forum had been initiated by the business community, and the project was realized at the expense of private investment, on behalf of companies which want to expand their activities in the direction toward the East: “The main aim of SEF is to bring the market in Novosibirsk, that’s why we invite Asian partners.” According to organizing committee, about 2,000 participants will take part in this year (In 2014 were about 1,500 participants).

Entry list of the Asian Forum delegates was significantly expanded. In 2014 experts from China took part in the event. Now representatives of corporations from Thailand, Vietnam, India, Korea and China will participate in the SEF. So, Sergei Ivanov, the head of the Export Support Center of Novosibirsk region, told about authorities' assistance in the preparation of the SEF: “Within the scope of our activity we have invited 6 of Vietnamese business experts.”  The Vietnamese delegation consists of the experts of IT-companies and of industrial enterprises. Olga Lisienko has mentioned that more countries, for example Turkey and Iran, would be probably added to the program of the Forum next year, because as our entrepreneurs are interested in developing contacts with these countries.

This year geography of SEF is extensive, not only participants from Asian countries, but also businessmen from Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Barnaul, Novokuznetsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and other Russian cities will participate in the SEF. VED Agent private company specializes in with international trade, international consignments, marketing and production cooperation with Asian countries and supports the SEF as general partner. Alexander Degtyarev, director of VED Agent, said that the forum helped Asian companies to estimate the potential of entrepreneurs in Siberia and to use it for joint venture: "We see our task in attracting foreign partners to Siberia. We invite them here to communicate directly with the producers."

This year the attention focuses on agricultural and travel industries, so the organizing committee have invited foreign delegations from Thailand and China, who are interested in purchasing organic products in Siberia: flour, butter and so on. Moreover, representatives of manufacturing, development and construction and investment Asian companies will participate in the SEF 2015. They are interested in construction projects in Siberia and wait for new proposals for cooperation from the private developers

Mr. Lux Ksyandong, chairman of the Shanghai Center for Cultural Exchange «New Era» (China), informed that China could support Russian businessmen in current economic situation: "We already have an experience in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but Siberia is closer to us all, so we are interested in the development of this area and we are looking for partners."

As for tourist trips to the region, the Chinese companies are interested in places where you can better understand national traditions of Russia, revealing the national character. Also, Mr. Ksyandong noted that they consider entrepreneurship and tourism in China as one unit, "Tourist visits are the basis on which to we build further partnerships." In addition, according to Mr. Ksyandonga, now Chinese citizens appreciate the environment and health: "If we consider Siberia from this point of view and not just "look at the mountains", you can attract much more visitors."

Olga Lisienko has reported that in addition to the business program of the Forum, which will be held presentations by experts in several areas (finance, production, trade and logistics), the forum will includes an exhibitions, and participants of the exhibition are interested in cooperation with small and medium businesses. A number of events will take place at the same time, including a round-table conference about education and personnel training for the VED: "Is the labor market ready for the implementation of large-scale international projects in Siberia?" The Ministry of Education supports round-table conference and “Project 5-100”.

The professional interpreters will work at the forum; they will translate the main program SEF and help to deal with the delegates. The presentations of participants are translated in English and other languages to forum delegates.

Will be Asian partners able to fill the gap of European goods? The organizers have said that now the delegates have a states, producing technological equipment and do not join the sanctions against Russia, for example, South Korea. Sergei Ivanov has added that the import of machinery products was steadily growing and Russian companies have purchased enough equipment before the devaluation, and they are partners were also Asian countries: "the Russian companies have replaced European equipment to the Chinese and when the cost of the equipment was even more increased in rubles, demand of Cheaper equipment was even more increased. The forum aim is to find opportunities for technological cooperation of the companies. The fact that it is cheaper to produce here than deliver the equipment."

The main achievement of SEF-2015 - is the fact that before the Forum the organizers have received concrete proposals for cooperation from Asian businessmen not only to export their products, but also to create the co-production as well as imports of Russian goods.

Alexander Degtyarev has added that the forum will be attended by representatives of the Board of Investment of China, which will consider Siberian projects, and their further aim is implementation of the projects: "The Forum will help to stop the decline of the Russian economy and turn it in the direction of development."

Reference Information:

The SEF is the largest event for the participants of foreign trade of the Siberian region. Last year the Forum brought together some 1,500 guests and 40 experts from Russia, Kazakhstan and China. SEF was visited by businessmen not only from Siberia, but also from Central Russia and the Far East.

At this time the forum will be held on 19-20th of November ( "Novosibirsk Expo Centre").The  Asian businessmen have shown an unprecedented level of interest in developing business relationship with Siberians, they are willing to share their experiences and they are open for dialogue about cooperation and participation in investment projects. Entrepreneurs of Siberia will meet and hold talks with Asian counterparts at the forum.