The V Jubilee Siberian Economic Forum 2018:

Doing business with Asia

November, 22-23, 2018 Novosibirsk Expo Centre

Interview with Director of VED Agent Private Company Alexander Degtyarev, General Partner of SEF 2015

Siberian Economic Forum “Russia and Big Asia: business practices with China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and India” will take place in Novosibirsk on November, 19-20, 2015. Title partner of this event is VED Agent company specialized in international consignments, customs processing, certification and business consultancy. Director of the company agreed to answer China Logist Journal’s questions about forum and not only about it.

CL.: Your company participates as a partner of the forum not for the first time, why?

Alexander Degtyarev: First of all, this event is for those who deal with international trade, international consignments, marketing and production cooperation with Asian countries. This is directly included in the scope of our professional interests, we are specialists in it. Secondly, it’s a big platform in Siberia, which brings entrepreneurs and businessmen of our region and China, this year also from South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, India together. Thirdly, this forum presents almost all business segments serving the needs of international trade between Russia and Asian countries, including banks, factoring, insurance and logistics companies, customs agents, Internet companies, ship surveyors and others. It means that you can solve all organizational, financial, logistics, customs and other issues related with international trade and production cooperation. 

CL.: How do you evaluate the results of the previous forum and what do you expect from up-coming one?

Alexander Degtyarev: The first forum is the first step for closer cooperation between Siberians and Chinese business representatives. At the same time some agreements on goods delivery from Russia to China and from China to Russia had been reached. Our company also reached such agreement. For example, we found Chinese customer for the company of Altai Territory. This year I am expecting more activity from Siberian participants. It’ necessary not only to come, it’s also important to take much information and knowledge from the one hand and find new contacts with Asian partners from the other.

CL.: What activities are you going to take part in?

Alexander Degtyarev: We are going to take part in both exhibition and conference parts. We have something to present to other participants. We are going to take part in roundtable discussion on human resourcing of companies working with Asian partners. There will also be an interesting roundtable discussion on cooperation in the sphere of tourism. Sheregesh ski cluster, Gorny Altai summer holidays and other Siberian sights will be presented to Chinese tourist companies.

CL.: How do you see the situation of developing business with China?

Alexander Degtyarev: The situation depends very heavily on current macroeconomic situation of Russia. At the same time China got some additional advantages under the situation of cooling relations with West countries. China remains the main trade partner of the Russian Federation. Now it is difficult time for many companies operating business with China, but it is also an opportunity to improve quality factors, reduce expenses, improve your own and partners’ efficiency.

CL.: What are the prospects of this direction?

Alexander Degtyarev: I think that partnership between our countries will strengthen. I hope that joint development institutions established in the framework of BRICS and SCO will only promote such strenghthening. I also hope that these mechanisms of development will also be applied to small and medium-sized businesses.

CL.: From your point of view, how relevant is operating business with South Korea, Vietnam, India?

Alexander Degtyarev: In 2016 Vietnam will become a member of Customs Union formed by Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Some barriers in organization Russian business in Vietnam are being eliminated now. India is the second large population country in the world, one of the largest sales markets. In my opinion, India is the second potential “factory of the world”, where you can buy some goods cheaper than in China but of the same quality. South Korea is a country within strong influence of the USA, but it didn’t join the sanction against Russia. South Korea produces high-technology goods and equipment which can replace European and American analogues. In addition, Korean logistics companies are actively involved in international cargo transportation, connecting trading partners in Russia and Asia.All these facts show the relevance of doing business with these countries.

CL.: Taking into account the economic situation in Russia and the economic slowdown in China, what are your feelings about upcoming forum?

Alexander Degtyarev: In my opinion, all joint business activities can bring only positive results for development of cooperation. Almost everybody has already realized that crisis is not only risks, it’s also a kind of opportunity. It’s the changes of many markets, and some companies can get competitive advantages during the new stage of development. The economic development is cyclic, and after economic contraction recovery will happen. And how quickly it will happen depends on us. Having foreign partners is an opportunity to get additional advantages as new sales market, new supplier and investment partner.

CL.: As the title partner of the forum, what can you wish participants?

Alexander Degtyarev: Activity.