The V Jubilee Siberian Economic Forum 2018:

Doing business with Asia

November, 22-23, 2018 Novosibirsk Expo Centre

Export Lift. The development of international trade between Russia and Big Asia

E-commerce as one of the most developing types of economic activities plays an important role in the development of global trade and investment. E-commerce market of BRICS and SCO can become the largest in the world. It can give huge opportunities for our enterprises. To miss them means to fail and and be an outsider for many years.

The number of countries paying much attention to e-commerce cooperation is rapidly growing. They want to fasten the growth of international e-commerce and promote further economic and trade cooperation. 

However, despite last achievements, there are still some unsolved problems. They include lack of trust between investors and e-commerce participants, security threat, lack of changeability and compatible networks, language barriers, barriers for the representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our goal is to change this situation, teach businessmen to use these tendencies for integration into international markets and increase their participation in global supply chains. It’s necessary to give the public access to products with original and local features, let the manufacturers of such products improve the welfare.

Roundtable discussion:

Practices on the development of b2b international trade in the economic field of BRICS and SCO on the basis of integrated e-commerce space.

Questions for roundtable discussion:

  • Modern Internet infrastructure as an instrument of practical determination and challenges of international b2b e-commerce. Recommendations for development of e-commerce in the countries of BRICS and SCO.
  • Research and Information Center: opportunities, practical application prospects.
  • Export lift: opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, integration into international markets, participation in global supply chains.
  • E-commerce as a mean of border trade optimization in free trade zones.
  • Food security. E-commerce in Agricultural sector.
  • Using of instruments of b2b e-commerce, favorable conditions for using electronic tools in international trade, growth of trade between countries.

The participants of the roundtable discussion are the representatives of different business spheres including logistics, products inspection, legal support of foreign trade activities, banking, official representatives of countries-governments taking part in SEF.

Timofey Kim, “Tender Pro” Corporation, Head of China and Central Asia Division, Expert of SCO Business Council on E-commerce

Ruslan Daminov, Head of Siberia and Far East Division